About Instinct

Instinct Asset Management is a diversified asset management company established in 2009. Instinct's main expertise is in Japanese equities. By constantly evolving its investment process and trading strategies in function of changing market environments, Instinct aims to deliver high absolute returns through market cycles.

Instinct Asset Management Pte Ltd is authorised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Instinct is headquartered in Singapore, with a research office in Tokyo, Japan.

At Instinct, we believe that transparency to our investors and our people forms the foundation of our success.

To our investors

Our long-term relationship with investors is built on our ethical conduct and the protection of investors' wealth.

Capital preservation and risk management form the foundations of our investment process. We seek to balance process-orientation and risk controls with the flexibility required to act quickly and capitalise on investment opportunities in dynamic market environments.

Our corporate governance adopts industry best practice, and we continually seek to improve our processes.

To our people

People are our most important asset. At Instinct, we nurture an open corporate culture that attracts talents from diverse backgrounds. Our people can apply their unique skills and reach their full potential through seamless integration with other members of the team. They are encouraged to think outside the box and push their own boundaries.

We believe a team of talented individuals with complementary skills will produce better results than a team centred around one individual driving the investment process and decisions.